Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{Worth the Wait} | Twin Newborn Photographer Clarksville, TN

Mom and Dad have been waiting the arrival of these two little guys for more than the normal nine months. They've been anticipating their family for three years. I am truly blessed to have been allowed the honor of celebrating first the anticipation (maternity) and now the arrival of the little fellas. I can't wait to watch them grow over the next year.

There will be plenty of stories to be told about today's session. And, plenty of laundry, too! :)

You have two precious and beautiful (you can still call boys beautiful when they're newborns...later on it'll be handsome) young men. I hope you enjoy this small peek into our session. Thanks for letting me take up so much of your time and allowing me to rearrange your furniture. :)

Mr. {C}, the "big" brother

Mr. {O}, the "little" brother

But, don't they both look little here?


  1. These are just precious! I might be a teensy bit biased, since they're my nephews, but they are beautiful! Can't wait to see more.

  2. gorgeous shots - love the last one!!!