Saturday, October 31, 2009

November is National Adoption Awareness Month! | Clarksville, TN Family Photographer

Did you know November is National Adoption Awareness Month? Well, if you didn't, now you do! It takes a special person to open their heart and their home to a baby in need. And, in recognition of those people, for the month of November I am giving away FREE sessions to families of adopted children or individual portraits of the adopted child.

Contact me during the month of November to schedule your session or inquire about more details. All other sales and discounts do not apply in conjunction to this sale.

And, what would be a post without a photo? Here's a recent portrait of my beautiful dolly. :)

Smiley Fella | Clarksville, TN Infant Photographer

Meet Mr. {C}. This little guy was one of the happiest and smilie-est (is that a word??) kiddos to be in front of my camera. He was showing off all his skills and sitting up like a big boy and growling like a bear!

Who wouldn't love these big eyes with long eyelashes? Sometimes my job is so hard because you can't just squeeze them up and smooch all over the babies. :) Thanks for making it super easy for me otherwise, Mr. {C}.

Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks.


Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall! | Clarksville TN Family Photographer

This is probably one of my most favorite times of year to photograph. The colors are stunning, the weather often the perfect temperature, everything about it is fantastic.

The {S} family allowed me to capture memories of their family in this gorgeous scenery. Even the fur baby made it out for portraits. I hope you enjoy your peeks from our session yesterday.


Mommy's three guys - aren't they handsome?

F is for FUN and FALL! | Clarksville TN Family Photographer

Meet the {B} family. Aren't they handsome? I thoroughly enjoyed photographing this family. The weather turned out to be perfect, and the fall colors were stunning.

I enjoyed playing with you guys today. If you ever need to see an impression of a crazy monkey, you know where to find me. ;)

I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!


Big Brother - amazing what Smarties will get you. :)

Aren't they just the cutest couple??

Big Sister! | Clarksville TN Child and Maternity Photographer

This beautiful mom to be came to capture her pregnancy and brought along big sister to celebrate her 2nd birthday with portraits. It should be a crime to be that beautiful when you're that pregnant.

Miss {M} was so full of energy and curiosity - definitely a hard sell. :) With her little ringlets and big hazel eyes....and you can't forget those long was a joy to photograph her.




Monday, October 26, 2009

{W} Family OpLove | Clarksville/Fort Campbell OpLove Photographer

Their story is amazing; their love even greater. The {W} family is fun-loving and a joy to photograph. These two honored me by allowing me to photograph them before Mr. W heads over to the sand box once again. I had fun with you two, and I hope you enjoy your little peeks into our session.

Mr. W, we'll be praying for travel mercies for you and for the Lord to place a hedge of protection to bring you home safely to your bride.




Squishy Newness | Clarksville TN Newborn Photographer

Just one of this handsome little guy for now. Details on why coming soon.

I can't wait to show you more of Mr. Rocket! He is quite the handsome little guy (and quite charming - he kept "winking" at me the whole session).

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Monday, October 19, 2009

{L} Family OpLove | Clarksville, TN OpLove Photographer

This weekend I had the pleasure of giving back a little to those who sacrifice so much for us. I am proud to announce I am an Operation Love Reunited photographer - and this beautiful family trusted me enough to capture precious memories before their Soldier heads over to the sandbox.

And, man, what a gorgeous family! Stunning blue eyes to go around - watch out for the girlies when little man gets older. :D

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For more information on Operation Love Reunited, visit their official website at

Fall is in the Air!! | Clarksville, TN Family Photographer

The {R} family and I met up this past weekend to do their annual portraits. You may remember them from this post. My how the boys have grown!

Thanks for braving the cold morning with me. I hope you enjoy your sneaks from our little outing. :)

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Boys will be boys! This is what little E man thought about my camera by the time we were done. *snicker* Gotta love it!
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Barefoot Beauty | Clarksville, TN Child Photographer

Meet Princess {L}. I had the pleasure of meeting this little beauty for the first time yesterday afternoon. Her mom and I used to be best of friends when we were young, so it was fun to see her little girlie - who is just like her. :)

I had tons of fun, Miss {L} playing with you and taking your picture. You're quite the beauty and DEFINITELY the prettiest princess in South Carolina.

Enjoy your sneak peeks, Mom!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Sisters! | Clarksville, TN Child Photographer

I had the fun pleasure of playing along with these three beauties. It was a blast watching them play and just have fun being themselves. I hope I was able to capture some of their fun loving spirits from our play time.

For now, I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks into our little time of fun.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

{O}, Baby! | Clarksville, TN Newborn Photographer

Meet little {O}. This little guy was absolutely adorable! As is typical of little boys, he was so curious of his new surroundings, he stayed awake almost the entire time. It wasn't until the very last frames that he finally closed those beautiful blue eyes of his.

Congratulations on your newest miracle, Mom and Dad. I hope you enjoy your peeks from today.

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Merry Christmas!
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

{New} | Clarksville, TN Newborn Photographer

Meet Mr. W. You may remember his beautiful Mommy from several weeks ago. I've been anxiously waiting to meet this little guy, and he was well worth the wait!

The teeniest newborn to date for me! He was a good boy and slept through most of tonight's session.

Congratulations D & R! Your son is absolutely gorgeous. :)

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{So Big!} | Clarksville, TN Infant Photographer

It's been just over three months since I had this little dude in front of my camera. Man, oh man, has he grown so much! I couldn't get over how big he'd gotten.

It was super fun photographing Mr. B yesterday. He was all smiles and then tuckered out, allowing me to get a shot of those awesome lashes he has.

Hope you enjoy your peeks, Mom and Dad.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

We Are FAMILY! | Clarksville, TN Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting the fun {P} family yesterday. Their family was very reminiscent of my own - with three princesses!

We had fun playing drums with our feet on the bridge, racing and running, and twirling in our fun skirts. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves and weren't too tortured with the portraits. :)

Enjoy your sneak into our session!

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

{Tiny} | Clarksville Newborn Photographer

Meet the cute little {M}. You'd never know this guy arrived 5 weeks before his due date (2 days ago). He was so alert and curious for the better part of our little session yesterday. But, with a little patience he finally fell victim to my "baby whispering."

Just a few peeks for now. I hope you like them!

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