Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{3 days} | Clarksville, TN Newborn Photographer

Meet Miss {R}. You may remember her beautiful mommy just a few posts back. Well, sweet {R} decided to make her appearance right on time on her due date! She was so sweet and cute and chubby...just perfect!

I enjoyed meeting you yesterday, sweet girl. Congratulations, Mom and Dad. You make beautiful babies together. :)




Sunday, June 27, 2010

{Look Who's Six Months!} | Clarksville, TN Infant Photographer

Mr. {L} came to visit me this afternoon with his fan club in tow. :)

I still can't get over how much hair he has now and how BIG he's gotten! When you only see them every three months, it's hard to imagine they can grow that much in such a short amount of time.

It was fun seeing you again, Mr. {L}. Congratulations on all your newest milestones, and thanks for showing them off for me. You are a major cutie!




Saturday, June 26, 2010

{Too Cute for Words} | Clarksville, TN Newborn Photographer

This sweet little guy came to see me a few hours ago, and it was love at first sight. *sigh* All the little babies coming to see me recently make a person have some serious baby fever - and then I remember I have three of my own and quickly get over it! LOL

Big Brother {E} is your typical big brother - curious and generally uninterested. *snicker* But, he did indulge us for a few pictures with his new little brother. And, little brother was the perfect angel the entire time. :) Love little guys like that. It makes my job so easy!

I enjoyed meeting your family today. Enjoy!




Tuesday, June 22, 2010

{Awaiting Her Gift} | Clarksville, TN Maternity Photographer

I have a special fondness for this lady. She's cared for my babies, taught one of my babies, and is just too sweet for words to describe. So, I was super excited when I found out she was expecting, super duper excited when I found out it was a girl, and totally excited when she asked me to photograph her pregnancy.

Thanks, Mrs. {A} for allowing me the privilege of photographing this milestone in your married life. And, thanks for being my guinea pig and allowing me to torture you in our 100 degree weather at the vineyard. Some of my most favorite maternity images to date!




Monday, June 21, 2010

{SomethingorOther BumCheeks!} | Clarksville, TN Familly Photographer

You're probably wondering what the heck this title means, huh? Well, I'd like to say I knew the real words it's supposed to be...but I do know the back story (a smidge). Thanks to Mad Libs, this fun family has their own little saying that makes everyone crack up! And, once the littlest one gets the giggles, everyone gets infected, too.

Thanks for braving the heat and bugs today, {H} family. I know I acted a little goofy, but I had fun doing it and am excited with the results.

I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peeks. Safe travels as you enter into your new adventure compliments of the Army! And, thank you Mr. {H}, for your sacrifice to our country for our freedoms.




Sunday, June 20, 2010

{Happy Father's Day} | Clarksville, TN Infant Photographer

There is nothing more special than celebrating your first Father's Day with your son. Today I got to share a little in that joy. It might not have been the most exciting activity, but I enjoyed myself. It's not hard to be happy when you have such a cute model in front of your camera.

Mr. {L} was absolutely precious and sweet. Thanks for coming to see me today, little man. I hope your Mommy and Daddy like their little peeks from your session.




{Look Who's ONE!!} | Clarksville, TN Toddler Photographer

I cannot believe this little man is a year old (almost!). To watch him grow from a tiny peanut to such a fun-spirited toddler has been a joy! And, yes, I said toddler....he's walking!

I enjoyed this session so much - I don't think I have laughed so much and so hard in quite some time. This little fella thoroughly enjoyed his birthday cake. Not so much enjoyed eating it, just enjoyed playing in it. You'll see...wait for it....wait for it...




Monday, June 14, 2010

{Peanut} | Clarksville, TN Newborn Photographer

I got to play with the most adorable little peanut today! He was on his best behavior and was the perfect example of what a newborn model should be. I know I've mentioned it before, but it is SO HARD not to squish babies like him up and just love all over them. It takes great self-control! He was just too precious with perfect skin, beautiful head of hair, and the long, dark lashes that get my heart every time. *sigh*

I had fun meeting you and all your grandmas and mommy today. I hope you enjoy your little peek into our session.




Friday, June 11, 2010

{Stunning Maternity} | Clarksville, TN Maternity Photographer

Meet one of the most gorgeous pregnant mommies I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. Mrs. {D} came to see me with her little family to capture the last moments of her pregnancy before her sweet Baby {R} makes her debut.

It's hard to believe this Mommy is due in a few short weeks. She's barely got a tummy! :) Makes those of us that got as big as a beluga whale extremely jealous.

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of photographing you guys today. I enjoyed our time together and cannot wait to meet your little princess when she arrives! I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks into today's session.



And, one of the family before the newest member arrives. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{So Big!} | Clarksville, TN Infant Photographer

Mr. {O} came back to see me today. My, oh my, has this little man grown in the past 6 months!! With the exception of his sweet little lips, there's not much the same about him. It's amazing how much babies change in such a short period of time.

It was so good to see you and Mommy today, Mr. {O}. You are one of the cutest little dudes I've ever laid my eyes on, and it was a complete pleasure! I can't wait to see how much you grow in the next six months!





Saturday, June 5, 2010

{Catch Me If You Can!} | Clarksville, TN Family & Child Photographer

*insert title*

Working with toddlers is a better work out than going to the gym! :) And, I wouldn't have it any other way.

These two were some of the cutest, blue-eyed dollies I've seen. We ran. We blew bubbles. We went swinging. We even broke out the candy! We pretty much did everything we could to crack a smile out of these two. And, it was worth it because we got some smiles, some giggles, and some tears in our journey.

I enjoyed meeting your family (cousin, too!) today. I hope you enjoy your peek into today's session.





And, one of Cousin {C}, too!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{Worth the Wait} | Twin Newborn Photographer Clarksville, TN

Mom and Dad have been waiting the arrival of these two little guys for more than the normal nine months. They've been anticipating their family for three years. I am truly blessed to have been allowed the honor of celebrating first the anticipation (maternity) and now the arrival of the little fellas. I can't wait to watch them grow over the next year.

There will be plenty of stories to be told about today's session. And, plenty of laundry, too! :)

You have two precious and beautiful (you can still call boys beautiful when they're newborns...later on it'll be handsome) young men. I hope you enjoy this small peek into our session. Thanks for letting me take up so much of your time and allowing me to rearrange your furniture. :)

Mr. {C}, the "big" brother

Mr. {O}, the "little" brother

But, don't they both look little here?