Monday, November 17, 2008

{{Two Girls and a Boy}}

I had the pleasure of meeting the G family tonight. How much fun I had going on a treasure hunt in the woods exploring like Diego and Dora! We founds lots of pretty leaves to look at and play with along with a few smiles. Miss Big K definitely has a future in modeling if she ever desires to pursue it. *wink* Little Miss K was a bit shy at first and definitely more interested in the hawks flying overhead than what I was there for. And, the little man of the house, Mr. T - what a cutie he was!

I had fun today, G family, and I hope that I was able to capture your personalities in your photographs. Thanks for braving the cold and then allowing me into your home to thaw out. :)





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  1. What a fun family, I love the family photograph, what an original way to "pose" them! Great shots!