Wednesday, March 25, 2009

{{Meet Mr. C}} | Clarksville Newborn Photographer

Oh, my! What a cutie visited with me today. Little {C} was the most adorable and smiliest (is that even a word??) baby yet!

This little peanut was on his best behavior this morning and slept almost through the entire session. He was very patient with me and all the manipulating and moving around that I tortured him with. And, he smiled most of the way through. Gotta love baby gas! :D

Mom and Dad, you guys have a gorgeous little man on your hands. I hope I was able to capture some of his cuteness in portraits you'll love.



Check out that bottom lip! Muah!


  1. That smile is the most darling picture ever! Great job!!

  2. I absolutely LOOOOVEE the blue hat with that little grin...That was perfect timing!