Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{Seven Months} | Clarksville, TN Infant Photographer

That's how old my friend, Mr. {G}, is today! He came to see me on his month birthday and show off all his new tricks.

He has the cutest gummy grin with dimples you've ever seen, but little man would only show me that smile when the camera was down. *snicker* Even my funny noises, voices, and faces would only make him give me a little smirk. ;) I've learned to not take it personally, though. I think I'd be intimidated if someone was putting this huge, black glass eyeball thing in my face, too. *wink*

Mr. {G}, it was fun seeing you again today. I still cannot get over how it looks like you've doubled in size from three months until now. I can only image how big you'll be in another three months!

Until then, I hope you and your mommy and daddy enjoy a small glimpse from today's session. :)



And, I couldn't help myself - I had to share this. Evidently this is what he thinks of me taking his picture! lol Too cute!

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