Wednesday, September 24, 2008

{{Shout it out to the world!!}}

There's nothing more we as parents love to do than brag on our babies. Whether they're brand new and we're announcing their arrival or they've been around a while and have reached a new milestone in their lives, we want to let everyone know about it!

Here are a few announcements featuring my latest newborn, Miss L. :)

Simple, but elegant:

Another, simple one, with a splash of color:

And, one with multiple photo slots:

**please note that all anouncements are customized to you and your tastes - fonts, colors and photographs are special to you and your session.


  1. Those are really nice, Jamie!! Very elegant and simple!

  2. oh, I love the one of Lilly in the tulle! I love the 3rd announcement too - I still haven't sent mine out. Ugh.